Saturday, December 12, 2009

Funny Tiger Woods Facebook Status Updates


  1. would like to remind Tiger that he who drives well on the fairway... does NOT fair well in the driveway!
  2. wonders how many women, would a Tiger Woods woody if a Tiger Woods would woody women? He would woody as many women could he until Woody gets hit by a 3 woody.
  3. needs you to do him a huge favor. Can you please, uh, take my name off your facebook list?
  4. had a tough day, where, on his second ho, he drove through a water hazard and into the trees...
  5. thinks it's times like these where he asks himself... What would Tiger do?
  6. is wondering if she is the only one who hasn't had sex with Tiger.
  7. isn't sure what a "transgression" is, but dang, I want to get me some of that!
  8. can't believe Tiger's response as to why he had "transgressions"...  "They're Grrrreat!"
  9. is shocked that Nike is changing their slogan after Tiger's "transgressions" to "Just Do Me!"
  10. heard that Tiger is giving up golf, and becoming an actor... His 1st movie: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Transgressions"
  11. thinks the beauty of this viral campaign will become apparent when one of Tiger's mistresses appears in Playboy with a Nike tattoo on her butt.
  12. read that "Tiger is ready to quit golf to save his marriage" - I'm no therapist but I am pretty sure quitting other women would be even more effective.


  1. Tiger’s hardly out of the woods!! Check out “Drive Like the Tiger” at

  2. Why did Tiger choose golf over other sports?

    because he gets to play a round on 18 holes

  3. Here are a few:

    Tiger changed his name to: Cheetah Woods!

    What's the difference between Santa and Tiger woods? Santa only has three hos! :D

  4. Got one here:

    Tampax want to sponsor Tiger Woods because he is going through a bad period!

  5. A lion would not cheat his wife...but a tiger wood!

  6. So, Tiger Woods...18 holes just wasn't enough?

    What's the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?
    Santa stop after 3 Ho's! LOL

    Santa goes: HO, HO, HO!!
    Tiger goes: Where, Where, Where??

  7. AT&T dropped Tiger from their sponsorship. Apparently Tiger doesnt need their help reaching out to touch someone.

  8. nice collection

  9. a lion wouldn't cheat on its mate, but a tiger wood!

  10. please save tigers...nt woods...i mean d animal...:)

  11. Tiger Wood's resolution: To stop using Facebook as the primary communication method with his wife & kids.