Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funny Canadian Facebook Status Updates for Canada Day

Bob MacKenzie
  1. says happy C eh N eh D eh Day eh!
  2. says only in Canada......  are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink
  3. is not offended by the term "homo milk" because, I am Canadian
  4. is having a poo...  Cheese curds, gravy and fries.
  5. says you know you're Canadian when you can fill in the blanks to: "The good old ____ game is the best ____ you can ____."

  6. like all other Canadians knows which leaves make for good TP... Happy Canada Day!
  7. needs more Flannel....  Nuff Said....  Happy Canada Day!
  8. is celebrating Canada Day wearing his toque and having a Double Double.
  9. it's sad but true... We Canucks are the first to say "oh... he/she's Canadian" when talking about celebs... Except for Justin Bieber...  And Celine Dion...
  10. is looking for beaver...  Happy Canada Day!