Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Funny Back To School Facebook Status Updates


  1. says if your name was Homework.... I'd be doing you right now!
  2. says back in my day, we used to call it "recess"... now-a-days, it's referred to as "cease fire".
  3. would often... when I read a book... thank my teacher. At least I used to... until she got an unlisted number.
  4. Studying is like student and dying put together
  5. does not need no spelling lessons... who do you think put the cool in scool?
  6. thinks going back to school would be great if it weren't for all the classes.
  7. thinks teachers aren't truly appreciated... until the weekends!
  8. would like to remind the kids not to let their schooling get in the way of their education
  9. Teachers call is "cheating"... We call it "teamwork".
  10. The more u learn the more u know the more u know the more u forget the more u forget the less u know, so why learn?